Top 4 Surprising Best Baits for Sioux Falls Squirrels

Removing the Sioux Falls squirrel from your house can be an irritating and frustrating experience especially if you lack the proper knowledge on setting the trap. Compared to the other nuisance creature, their irregular activities may make it more difficult to capture them. There are also other squirrels that will immediately return if you failed to address the real cause of the infestation. In order to trap them immediately, you will need to determine the best bait for the squirrel.

4 Most Effective Bait When Trapping a Squirrel

Before we start in enumerating the most effective South Dakota baits, let us first remind you that poisoning instead of trapping them can lead to several problems. The squirrel can die in the concealed area of our houses. It will release a decaying scent and may attract the attention of other wildlife species. This is why you should never add poison on the bait.

1. Sioux Falls Peanuts

Coating the peanuts with peanut butter is believed to be the best bait for the squirrel. Since most South Dakota squirrels will gather seeds and nuts around your yard, it is safe to assume that peanuts can capture the attention of this rodent. In order to use the peanut as bait, start by smearing your bait pan with a generous amount of peanut butter. After that, embed the peanuts (preferably unsalted) to the peanut butter.

2. Oranges

If you don't have a peanut in your home, the oranges can be a perfect alternative. Apart from the fact that they appear tasty in the eye of the squirrel, they also have a high water content which will ensure that the trapped squirrel will stay hydrated. The orange have that strong aroma that will permeate the house and pique the interest of the squirrel.

3. Birdseeds

Since the South Dakota squirrels will often attack our birdfeeders, you are perhaps thinking if this is a great way to tempt them. Different birdseeds including sunflower seeds are excellent bait for the squirrels. Corn is also a great option. Generally, the best bait that you can use will depend upon the availability of the bait and the season. Avoid using safflower since squirrels hate the bitter taste of that seed.

4. Other Baits

In case you do not have the bait that we mentioned above, some people have successfully trapped a squirrel by using bread. Coat the bread with peanut butter before placing it on the bait pan. You may also use a marshmallow to trick them. Squirrels love the taste of the eggs and the marshmallows will appear like eggs in their eyes.

Apart from the bait, proper placement of the trap is crucial to increase the success of trapping the Sioux Falls squirrel. You need to place the trap close to their den. You may also position it within their path. In case you've done everything you can but you can't still get rid of the infestation in your house, it is probably time for you to hire the service of the experts. Apart from getting rid of the squirrels, they can also guarantee that you will not face the same issue in the near future.

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