What Do Wildlife Rehabilitators Do After They Get a South Dakota Raccoon?

Rehabilitation is the primary work of the Sioux Falls wildlife rehabilitators. It is a career that involves the care and treatment of the orphaned, sick, or injured wild animal such as raccoon. Their ultimate goal is to release them back to their natural habitat after they completely recuperated. In order to be released, the raccoon should have the capacity to act freely in their habitat just like the other raccoon species in the wild. 

A Guide on the Job of the Wildlife Rehabilitators

Efficient wildlife rehabilitation should be able to address the specific psychological and physical needs of the South Dakota raccoon that they are treating. It involves critical aspects such as biology, animal behavior, husbandry, and vet medicine.

Ensuring that the Sioux Falls Wildlife Stays in the Wild

It is a known fact that raccoon has a good ability to adapt on a diverse South Dakota environment. Their presence on the urban settings may arise to numerous conflicts with human. This is why the rehabilitators will ensure that the raccoon will have the capacity to live in the wild. When the raccoon is in their facility, the interaction between human and the raccoon is kept at a minimum level. They will be kept in the captivity until such time that they can live independently in the wild setting. Raccoons that have illness or injuries that can no longer be treated will be euthanized by the center.

Releasing the Raccoon

In order for the South Dakota raccoon rehabilitation to be successful, the raccoon that was released in the wild should have the ability to survive independently. They should be able to integrate themselves on the same species in the wild. This means that they should have the skills to identify the right food (not the food in the garbage), determine a proper mate, and react immediately on the presence of danger. Some of these dangers may include people, natural predators, weather elements, and others.


The wildlife rehabilitators are also responsible in providing education to the public about the dangers of the raccoons. They will educate you about the possible hazards when you are in direct contact with the raccoon specie especially those that are infected. This part of their job is critical on the safety and survival of the raccoon. The wildlife rehabilitation center does not believe in the idea of keeping the wild animals in captivity permanently. They also abhor the practice of using wildlife creatures on educating the public. Instead, they use artifacts and storytelling to teach the public about the importance of the wildlife creatures and how to respect them.

Remember that it is not lawful to rehabilitate Sioux Falls raccoons without carrying the necessary permits. The federal and the state department are tasked to provide them with the license to perform rehabilitation. In case you encounter an injured, abandoned, or sick raccoon, you should not approach them. Instead, call the help of the wildlife rehabilitators. Your attempt to help them can do them more harm in case you are not well-versed on the proper rehabilitation procedure. 

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