Top Deadliest Snakes in the US! Are They in South Dakota?

There are at least 20 types of venomous snakes that can be found in the US. Some of them are the Sioux Falls coral snake, rattlesnake, copperhead, and the cottonmouth. In the US, at least 8,000 incidents of snake bites will happen on an annual basis. Around 18% of them will be venomous. In this article, we will provide you some of the interesting information about the deadliest snakes found in the US.

Most Venomous Snake in the US

Since only 20 of the South Dakota snakes in the US are considered venomous, there is a good possibility that the snake that you will encounter in your yard is non-venomous. Nonetheless, you should still be careful when you encounter the snakes in this list.


The venom of the Mojave rattlesnake can easily kill the victim in case the antivenin will not be administered immediately. Compared to the other snakes, the rattlesnake will attack its target without any form of provocation. Their venom may not be as deadly as the other snake but the amount of venom that they can inject on the target is lethal. Rattlesnakes carry haemotoxic venom that has the capacity to break down the tissue and prevent the clotting of the blood. They are known for their habit of rattling their tail. They can also launch their attack from a distance that will startle their prey. Some rattlesnakes will reach a length of about 50 inches.

Coral Snake

When it comes to the power of the venom, the deadliest snake in the US will probably be the Coral Snake. This distant relative of the cobra can be found in the southern section of the US especially in Arizona and Florida. Coral snakes are relatively small that can reach a maximum of 39 inches in length. The fangs are underdeveloped that makes it difficult for them to penetrate the snake of their victim. The venom of this snake will lead to the paralysis of the respiratory system.


The cottonmouth is probably the least deadly snake in this list. Nonetheless, they have an aggressive nature. This snake will not be attacking the person if they are not being provoked; it is highly likely that they will flee when there is a sign of human presence. The snake bites may lead to gangrene and they are also haemotoxic. They prefer to live in the wetlands which is why they are also known as Water Moccasin. 


In the eastern section of the US, the South Dakota copperhead is undoubtedly the most popular venomous snake. They are the culprit for the 37% of snake bites in the United States. The victim will experience an unbearable pain but their bites will be less alarming compared to the other venomous snakes.

By wearing the right gears, you will be able to stay away from the dangers of the Sioux Falls venomous snake. Avoid stepping on surfaces that you can't see especially areas with tall grass. In the event that you encountered a snake in your property, be sure to give it enough space to escape.

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