Can Sioux Falls Bats Chew Through Wire? What Does That Mean for Me?

While it is a known fact that Sioux Falls bats can deliver myriads of benefits, you still don't want them inside your house. The bats can carry zoonotic disease that can be transmitted to your pets and family members. They are host to parasites and pathogens that can result to illness. You don't necessarily have to be in direct contact with the bats to contract the disease. Once the fungus in their dropping become airborne, you can accidentally inhale it that will lead to infectious diseases. You may also notice some damages in your wires and you are probably thinking if this is caused by their sharp teeth.

Bats do Not Chew Wires

When bats are in your South Dakota attic, there are instances when you will notice some damages in your wires. However, this is not caused by their chewing habit. Some of them may choose our loose electrical wires as their roosting place that may damage our wirings.

Why Can't the Sioux Falls Bats Chew Wires?

Even if they choose to chew the electrical wires, the teeth of the bats is significantly small that prevents them from sinking their teeth on the tough insulation of the wires. Bats are also extremely small that allows them to fit even in tiny spaces without chewing any materials. Compared to rodents and other nuisance creatures, they do not need to chew on things to get an access inside our house. Furthermore, the bats are designed to eat insects. They are quite picky with regards to the things they eat. The metal and plastics are not included in their diet. 

What Causes the Exposed Wires?

Apart from the loose electrical wires that are installed on the top of our South Dakota attic that they may choose as their roosting place, the electrical wire on the surface can also be damaged. The bat droppings can be the source of your problems. Due to the fact that the bats will live in large colonies, the bat guano can easily accumulate. This will lead to structural damages in your house. The combination of the urine and the droppings of the bat can also be destructive. These are highly corrosive compounds that will corrode electrical wirings. The dangers that are associated with the exposed live wires should not be taken lightly.

What You Need to Do

There are different things that you can do in case there are bats in your South Dakota house. Some people who feel like they are an asset (such as those that live in the agricultural setting) can lay a cover made from polyethylene materials in their attic to easily dispose the bat guano. However, you should also bear the pungent odor that emanates from their excrement. In case you are worried about the damages that they can cause, exclusion would be the best answer. You can install a 1-way exclusion funnel that will prevent them from returning to your property.

The damages that can be caused by the Sioux Falls bats should never be undermined. If you think that the removal process is a bit intricate, do not hesitate to ask the assistance of the wildlife removal specialist immediately.

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